Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Hi there from Germany

First, I wish you all a wonderfull new year!
When I saw this shawl I knew immediately that I have to knit it. I have no idea if I will ever wear it.... but I like this pattern soooo much!
Well, than I bought the pattern in UK (the shipping costs from the oversea stores are much too high). And than I started thinking about the yarn to use for this shawl.
Going to my stash I decided to use Gossamer from Knitpicks in the Blue Jeans colourway. Well, I'm afraid the variegated dying will eat the pattern... But we'll see. Now I'm finished the chart B and I have to admit that I don't like the way the colouring comes out. But when I started knitting I decided: if the colouring will not be nice (in my mind) than I will dye the shawl after finishing.
Does anybody else use the Gossamer or a variegated yarn for the peacock? Any experiences with this?

angela from bestrickendes.de
bzw. angelaknits @ ravelry

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knitabulous said...

A friend of mine overdyed the gossamer after knitting it and got a great result.

There are some variegated yarns being used, but they're quite subtle in the colour change, I suppose that's the secret.

Let us know what you decide.