Friday, January 25, 2008

Welcome 2008!

Hello everybody, I'm a bit behind in wishing you all a happy new year for 2008!!

It's so exciting to see the peacocks popping up all over ravelry, congratulaions to all you finishers, they all look so beautiful, I dont' think I shal ever tire of looking at them.

There's been a few new joiners as well, so welcome to you and I hope you enjoy knitting the pretty as a peacock shawl.

Jae and I pop in here regularly to check out the progress, so get those pictures up and show us your stuff.

And, a bit of trivia for the peacock lovers out there. Do you know what the collective noun for a group of peacocks is?

OSTENTATION. An ostentation of peacocks. Don't you just LOVE that? I do.


Martine said...

I'm french and I've just order the pattern of "Pretty as a Peacock Shawl". I join you to have some help if necessary.
I'am in a hurry to receive it to begin this splendid model.

Agnès said...

I am Agnès, a friend of Martine. I am French and live in Vichy (cosmetics and water).
I'd like to knit Pretty as a Peacock, have the pattern and I will order some yarn at Lisa Souza's online shop.
I wanted to know something, I don't understand the following symbol "purl except last repeat pfb"
My problem is the pfb.
Thanks a lot for your help.

Anonymous said...

You really should not associate with Rebcca Long any more. Google her name (under NEWS) to see what she's done.

Anonymous said...

Rebecca Long, sorry