Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Near Tragedy Averted!

Last night I finished row 179 — one chart and eight rows to go. I have not been using lifelines. Pattern is a breeze, and I've been counting on the purl rows to be sure I haven't messed up any yarn overs.

Long story short — while moving stuff around in my office after lunch, I managed to pull the circular part way out. Like, 50 stitches worth. And the yarn pulled out back to the needle tip. Leaving all of those lovely YOs hanging loose. I grabbed a 2 mm circular and started picking up stitches — very carefully. I finally managed to get everything back on the needle and the dropped stitches picked up. Started to knit row 180 and stopped. I ran a lifeline. I am now prepared, just in case I do something this stupid again.

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