Sunday, December 2, 2007

Plodding along

Well I'm half way through Chart B. Frogged a few times but now on track. Ailsa checked it for me at our Snb found a mistake wayyyyy back that I'd corrected????? don't know how. So i'm off again, it's so good to have the "best" as a teacher, guide and helper. Ailsas' love of lace really shows, she seems at peace while knitting incredable patterns. Sorry no pics yet have to learn how to do that, very new to all this.
I put in a life line today as Ailsa suggested, I'm more confident now if I boo boo. Now I just have to find my pattern it's lost in my car somewhere, I know it's there, it must be hidding.

1 comment:

knitabulous said...

Good on you Rae! I guarantee you'll finish this pattern and be addicted to lace forever. You've got the constitution for it, I can tell.