Saturday, December 1, 2007

An ostentation of peacocks.

So delighted to see so many posts on this blog - keep up the great work people! I can see an ostentation of peacocks coming this way soon!

In the meantime, check out my pictures, blogger willing.

(Impossible to photograph colour corrrectly without filter/photoshop/skills beyond my abilities. It isn't really that bright. No need for sunglasses at all!)

Project Specifications:

Laceweight version in Jaggerspun Zephyr, colour Fuschia.

Blocks to roughly the same size as the pattern suggests.

Approx 1200 yds - I'll weight it if I can find my scales.

Needle size 3.25mm

Now I have finished this, I can comment about what I suspected all along, but wasn't sure of saying without evidence.

It isn't that much smaller (lengthwise) in laceweight. It is a bit smaller in the span of it, but the length, much the same.

It's more open, and lighter and has less of the substance of the sport weight one, but doesn't lose the textural quality of the quills.

Two thumbs up!


Rica said...

Pretty pretty!

Redford Phyl said...


Valerie said...

The pictures are great.
Thanks for the info on yarn, needles, size, etc....
That will really help me with mine.

EllyMae said...

Oh, that looks sooooo nice! I'm really glad to know of the result with lace weight yarn too. (Still shoppin' yarn here - pattern came last week!)

Dyann said...

Gorgeous! Now I'm questioning my choice of yarn.... maybe I'll try laceweight instead.

Amanda said...

Spectacular. I just love that colour.

Sue's Knitting Projects said...

The pictures are gorgeous! I am also using Zephyr and US size 3 needles. I have just finished chart A and can't quite tell what it looks like yet, but the end-of-the-row count has come out okay so I plan to keep going.