Friday, November 23, 2007

It's not all beer and skittles at Chez Knitabulous

(Sometimes there are no skittles.)

Take a look what I had to do yesterday.

Somehow I stuffed a row up on Chart G. I blame Gregory House.

I tried to go back and fix it up, but it was too much for my brain, and was going to take an eternity.

So I soaked it. (Thank heaven for stainless steel needles.)

And I blocked it.

And I identified the problem.

And then I realised this problem was the least of my problems, so I ripped back four rows, left the live stitches on the bed and picked them up again with the circular needle.

It's not so scary when it's blocked, because it sets the stitches and they stay relatively put.

Got straight back in the saddle, and now I've just finished chart H now, only 16 pattern rows to go!!

(BTW - Row 182 has two SSK's missing, if you look at the chart you'll see where they go, it looks like a simple typo to me as it was not an issue in the test knit).

How's everyone else going?

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Redford Phyl said...

Good catch on row 182. I'm through row 124. Slipped behind while I was sick last week. Still taking it easy and only managed a half dozen rows today. Have to go into the office tomorrow, but I should finish Chart E after dinner.