Thursday, November 15, 2007

My yarn is not yet arrived...

Hi, I'm CJ/CraftyGryphon, craftaholic and compulsive project starter. My UFO count is currently 60 (yes, sixty); thankfully, only about ten of those are knitting. This, if I can keep from starting anything else over the next week, will be #61. I'm not expecting miracles, of course, like "finishing something in the intervening week" or "magic stash finishing itself." It sure would be nice, though.

I haven't started yet. I ordered the pattern and some scrummy Claudia Handpainted Silk Lace (in "Ocean Depth") the minute I found out about this KAL, since KAL means "I might actually finish it in a reasonable amount of time - and I have this GREAT peacock skirt to go with it). As I just mailed the money order two days ago, I'm guessing I won't have my stuff until next week... darn!

Back to one of the sweaters, scarves or stoles that I *might* be able to finish soon while I'm waiting...!


knitabulous said...

60 - how do you sleep at night?!! I'm completely jealous of the handpainted yarns you American's are using - so expensive to ship way way down here.

And your silk colour is gorgeous.

Vellan said...

I know, finishing old projects is never as much fun as starting a new one.

Good luck, though!

Morandia said...

you know, I feel so much better knowing I don't hold the record on UFOs. I think I only have around 10ish. Oh.. and I just finished casting off a shawl for a friend, and a scarf for myself!